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International Agro-processing and Renewable Energy Technologies was established on the16th October 2000 (MBA 10-G-G 12291/00, Reg Zl: 101341G10) in order to produce and sell well tested and successful food drying/processing technology to African market.

Dr. Ambrose Osakwe (Director)
Dr. Ambrose OsakweDr. Ambrose Osakwe is a food drying and solar technology expert with a successful 25 year track record of turn key projects all over Africa.

Trading as OSAKWE Agro-Consulting and as International Agro-Processing and Renewable Energy Technologies Group Austria (IAP&RET Group Austria), he constructs drying equipment and tailor-made solar equipment from appropriate technology to high end level. He is a long-term partner of UNIDO, of various NGOs and of well established businesses in more than 10 countries in Africa. Over 40 driers/drying plants for grain, fruits and vegetables, fish, tubers etc. constructed and installed by him are presently operating.
He is also a Lecturer at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences in Vienna, Austria


Sustainable transformation of traditional drying practices to the application of sophisticated but easy to use solar and hybrid drying technology in order to produce high quality products.

Sound and participatory project planning followed by provision of high quality equipment combined with training in operation and maintenance, in processing and hygiene and in capacity building in business management and marketing

International Agro-Processing and Renewable Energy Technologies Group Austria (IAP&RET Group Austria)  cooperates flexibly with selected well qualified companies, individual professionals, craftsmen (builders, carpenters, tinsmiths, electricians etc.) and mainly European suppliers of quality components and parts to ensure durability.


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